www.DigitalArtMuseum.com offers opportunities for the presentation of digital art
from all digital artists, and provides a forum for critical dialogue between emerging
and established artists and their audiences.

www.DigitalArtMuseum.com supports the artist's role in society, cultivates that
relation through education and innovative programming, and stands as an advocate
for creative freedom.

www.DigitalArtMuseum.com was open in February 1st of 2000, a new venue in North America
where digital art it explored and presented using the web as a medium to exhibit digital art.

www.DigitalArtMuseum.com is sponsored by Divishow.com

www.DigitalArtMuseum.com presents and originates its own exhibition programs,
acts as a co-presenter and serves as a venue for outside groups. Artists, Curators and
Organizations are encouraged to submit proposals to the Director for consideration. All
submissions will be reviewed for possible inclusion in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.

www.DigitalArtMuseum.com reviews proposals on an ongoing basis.

www.DigitalArtMuseum.com maintains a artwork registry on artists who had an exhibit at
www.DigitalArtMuseum.com which is open for review by Artists, Curators, Organizations and
this registry is displayed at www.DigitalArtMuseum.com web site.

www.DigitalArtMuseum.com have open galleries, each gallery holds one artist for one calendar
month. After that calendar month the artist it is placed in our past exhibitions database where we
continue showing, displaying and promoting the artist's artwork and a link to the artist's web site
(If they have one). The purpose of this it's to give the artists the exposure to Curators, Artists,
Organizations and Visitors in general.

www.DigitalArtMuseum.com has the purpose to be one of the largest web sites to
hold quality artwork and artist. Our mission is to promote digital art culture and take it overseas.