Do you like to look at the sky? Did you ever wanted to draw the moon? We are going to teach you how to create the moon in this amazing program in a few easy steps. If you are ready, let's begin...
Step 1
Create a new RGB document any size. Go to File and select New. For test purposes use, 3 inches hight by 3 inches wide. For now, use a 300 dpi resolution. In the contents, select, transparent, name it, "MOON" and click ok, this will open your new document with the specifiations we entered.
Step 2
Now, press the capital letter D and then the capital letter X. This will help you to reset your swatches palette to the default colors. In this palette, locate a foreground light blue color and select it. For a background select a dark blue color
Look where we are pointing the arrows, that are the color you should use.
Step 3
March Tutorial GOLD TEXTURE
Now, in the Filter menu at the top of your program, apply Filter>Render > Clouds.
Notice in the pic that the layer 1 is now cloudy blue color.
This is because when we pick the colors and we selected Filter>Render>Clouds. The colors combined.
Step 4
This is the result you get after applying the Hard light effect. Now we have to add some effects.
Step 5
Now go to the Filter menu again and use Sharpen > Unsharp Mask,
Amount 100, Radius 1.3, Treshold 0.
Once you are done with that you'll get something like this.
Step 6
Now go to Filter>Render>Lightening Effects. This will open a new dialog box. Try to move the curson to make a perfect circle. Set the box with the following specifications... Style: Default, Light type: Spotlight, be sure "on" is selected, Move Intensity 35 to Full. Focus 69 to Wide. Properties Gloss 0, Material 100 to Metallic, Exposure 0, Ambience 0. texture Channel: none. Now click ok. Follow the example in the pict.
Step 7
If you want, you can change the color saturation until you find the colors you feel more comfortable with. This is the final image. We created the moon. See you next time!!!

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