Teamlab Borderless
Is coming to Hamburg

Touch Betouched

UBS Digital Art Museum will be open in 2025 as Europe's first and largest digital museum in HafenCity, Hamburg, boasting 6,500 square meters of floor space with cavernous ceilings 10 meters high.

The museum is with the opening exhibition teamLab Borderless Hamburg, an enormous world of art by art collective teamLab, covering the entire museum space. Based on the concept that everything exists in a borderless continuity, teamLab Borderless Hamburg consists of immersive artworks that transcend boundaries. Housed permanently in the UBS Digital Art Museum, teamLab Borderless Hamburg marks the commencement of Europe’s first and largest digital museum.

“When I first experienced the teamLab exhibition in Tokyo, I was overwhelmed. Since then, it was clear to me: My wish is to make this experience accessible in Hamburg, Germany and Europe!” Lars Hinrichs, entrepreneur, investor and initiator of UBS Digital Art Museum explains.

Under the motto “Touch. Be touched” the UBS Digital Art Museum is a monumental art space for digitally created art that is intended to touch visitors and be touched by them. The museum is dedicated to engage audiences with multidimensional and multisensual immersive art experiences which works without the usual distance between art and viewer. Visitors are literally immersed in the artworks and can communicate with them, transform them, and thus also become part of them. Touching and photographing is absolutely encouraged, because every visit is a unique experience.

Those interested in being among the first visitors will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the UBS Digital Art Museum regularly before it opens.

Stay tuned, and be a part of the borderless world!


Teamlab Borderless


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